AU. Yohji as a pirate, drawn for a challenge in [ profile] saiyuki_wk_au.


Full picture under cut )
This is a promotional poster that was released in magazines before the studio was forced to change the character designers for Glühen.


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More questionable fan art. An Aya and Yohji Christmas….

This one was sent to me by the lovely lovely [ profile] dulcetine:


Does a whip make this NSFW?? Heh. )

And this one I did for some of the Christmas cards I sent out….


I should probably avoid trying to draw chibis in the future they came out a little scary… )
I’m not sure whether to classify this as doujinshi or an art book. I’ve been considering it “official doujinshi” as it’s done by Kyoko Tsuchiya. A lot of the images are repeats of those in the manga and art books, although there are some that are new. There are also black and white sketch versions of pictures shown elsewhere in color. Like in Soul Driver she has mixed in some of her non-Weiβ characters, like from ‘Black Matrix,’ etc.

This will have to be posted in a few entries, as it’s a very long book. They will be Linked.

FIXED An Assassin and White Shaman

cover small

Fixed by Kyoko Tsuchiya )
I have amassed a collection of very amusing chibi style drawings from [ profile] dulcetine.


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