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Title: Weiβ Kreuz The Eternal Angel Fan Book 1: Chaos Mode
Circle: Kotoi
Date: 1998
Genre: Gen humor
Pairings: None?
Overview: Ken and Yohji argue. Yohji fails to rescue a girl on a mission? I’m afraid that I can’t tell if she ends up dead or just hospitalized…. Anyway, Yohji angsts. And dresses loudly.
Warnings: Nudity. There is just one not-too-graphic naked girl in there. But it's probably not work safe.

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Chaos Mode )
Title: Weiβ Kreuz Fan Book 2: Karasawagi
Circle: Kotoi
Date: 1998
Genre: Gen humor
Pairings: Possibly some (very light) Yohji x Ken? Nothing too blatant.
Overview: Schwarz goes to a hot spring. Weiβ makes okinomiyaki. Aya’s ear tails gain sentience. Manx fraternizes with Schwarz. Yohji is dramatic. Aya-chan (or is that Sakura??) makes an inappropriate appearance.

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Karasawagi )

Fic Title: Hello, Goodnight
Author: Sky Rat
Series: Weiβ Kreuz
Rating: PG-13/M
Pairing: Yohji x Aya
Summary: Yohji and Aya are about to die...at least they seem to think so. What's going through Yohji's head while bleeding to death next to the one he secretly loves? NOT a deathfic. Yohji's mind is...an interesting place.
Status: On-going. Begun in 2004. Updates are sporadic, but this is not abandoned.

Chapter 1 - Hypothetically )

Fic Title: Post and Valium
Author: Sky Rat
Series: Weiβ Kreuz
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Vague BradxSchu
Summary: What's in the suspicious Styrofoam box Farf's recieving in the mail? Humor one shot.
Status: Completed (2007.)

Post and Valium )


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