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Unfortunately my cell phone takes terrible quality pictures, but this is a photo of Tomokazu Seki taken at Otakon 2007.
I have amassed a collection of very amusing chibi style drawings from [ profile] dulcetine.


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( Jun. 15th, 2009 01:57 pm)
Well, I'm really not into this pairing at all anymore, but my friend/roommate [ profile] arvanah_modray drew the following RanKen fanart for me back in 2003 when I shipped them, and I think it's pretty well done. I especially like how she drew Aya.


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Title: Weiβ Kreuz Fan Book 2: Karasawagi
Circle: Kotoi
Date: 1998
Genre: Gen humor
Pairings: Possibly some (very light) Yohji x Ken? Nothing too blatant.
Overview: Schwarz goes to a hot spring. Weiβ makes okinomiyaki. Aya’s ear tails gain sentience. Manx fraternizes with Schwarz. Yohji is dramatic. Aya-chan (or is that Sakura??) makes an inappropriate appearance.

cover thumb back cover thumb

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( May. 23rd, 2009 02:22 am)
All posts made before this one were done at once for previously written material. I archived them backwards so that they would read in order from the top of the page downwards. From this point on chapters will posted as they are written, so the order will reverse, and they will not necessarily remain consecutive. However, every chapter will contain links to the previous and next chapters, and they will be searchable by tags as well as in the memories, so it should not be difficult to follow....

At least, that's my hope. Heh.

Fic Title: This is Not My Life
Author: Sky Rat
Series: Weiβ Kreuz
Rating: M
Pairing: Yohji x Aya, Ken x Omi
Summary: Yohji decides that his sanity require him to make a (temporary?) break for it, and on a whim kidnaps Aya for company on a spontaneous road trip. Ken and Omi are left behind, not sure what to make of their teammates’ disappearance. Infatuations form, confusion abounds, decisions have to be made.
Status: On-going. Begun in 2003.

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Chapter 1 And Then Everyone Was Dead )


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