AU. Yohji as a pirate, drawn for a challenge in [ profile] saiyuki_wk_au.




From: [identity profile]


So awesome!!! This is going in my screen saver! :D

Aarrrrr Matey - Whatcha hidin' in the chest?


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*___* this totally isn't up to the quality standards of your screensaver art collection! You're just being nice!!

Aya's in the boat! THE BOAT! Hahaha.

From: [identity profile]

Yohji pirate, Aya Captain?
Yohji pirate, Aya cabin boy?
Yohji pirate, Aya slave?
Yohji pirate keeping Aya trapped within the chest?

See where my mind goes?

Love it!

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They're pirate nakama!! And then some :D

If any of those scenerios inspire you to write a fic though, I whole heartedly encourage that.


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At least one bottle's worth.

He hasn't emptied the second yet cause he's saving some for Aya to join him, hehe.



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