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Oooohhhh pretties!!

I love Aya's longer eartails!

Thanks for sharing this!

Haven't talked to you guys in awhile. I hope things are well. *hugs* Miss you!

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OH! I missed this yesterday! It's actually really cool to see the artwork and how it matches up with the story. (I must admit I have a fondness for seeing Knight and Ran yelling at each other, that was awesome!)

Thanks for posting this! ♥
ext_14568: Lisa just seems like a perfectly nice, educated, middle class woman...who writes homoerotic fanfiction about wizards (Weiss Kreuz - Aya)

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Here from [ profile] caesaria and Wooo! Knight/Ran = ♥ ♥ ♥ and if I had an actual 'OTP' in WK, this would be it. And it has absolutely nothing to do with my epic love for Toshi-Seki. Nope. Not at all! :-P And LOL - Look of Love just came on on my iTunes! Fate! And speaking of, have you seen the translations for the lyrics for LoL and Someday? One day I will get my arse in gear and write some Knight/Ran fic, because it's clear that they are so ridiculously in love with each other! Hee!

Thanks for posting these! Need to make an icon now! :-P


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