This is a promotional poster that was released in magazines before the studio was forced to change the character designers for Glühen.



Unfortunately this isn't the most pristine copy of this image (I'm sure there are clean digital versions knocking around already,) as I had to scan the poster in segments, edit them back together again and then try to erase all the creases and dust specks, etc... I did my best!

The Glühen changes grew on me eventually...but I have to say it would have been cool to get this version of Aya. I totally dig the ponytail over the braid....

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I like these character designs better than Gluhen, personally. I LOVE Aya's ponytail! *-* And I kinda dig the expression on their faces more. But that's just me. Really love this Aya-pic -glomps him-

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Heh…my straight out answer is that I totally prefer the original designs more too. I HATED the new ones originally. Then I got used to them…Dissecting things more, my opinions are this:

I genuinely like the design of Glühen Ken. I think he looks awesome. I like old Ken too. I can pretty much go happily with either look with no complaints.

Aya….I vastly vastly prefer this version of Aya. The new Aya would be okay by me if he were a new character. But I just can’t find any resemblance to the old Aya at all. His look reminds me more of Crawford than anyone, and that just seems wrong, heh.

Omi/Mamoru… I can’t even consider him the same character (but since he’s changed from Omi to Mamoru, that’s a little easier to accept, I guess.) He would look awesome to me if he weren’t supposed to me Omi. I think he looks like he belongs in Gundam Wing or something.

Yohji…oh boy. I hated his change the most initially. Then I probably adjusted the most. I still really wish that they’d let him keep his hair…but it did grow on me. And my weak spot for cowboy garb goes a long way towards coping, LOL. If he could have had old hair + new outfit I would have found it total win (even though the painted chest is complete ridiculousness, ahaha.) I can still look at him and feel ‘that’s Yohji’ though, which is more than I can say for Aya and Omi.

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Oh wow... *weeps* I want this version for Gluhen!! :) I completely spaced on Aya's ponytail until you mentioned it. As much as I love Aya's braid, I completely love the pony tail even more.

Amazing job you've done on the poster if you had to scan it separately and then join it back up! It must have been time consuming! ♥

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You made some comment about Aya’s hair in Glühen when you were visiting…and I almost pulled this poster out to show you….but my brain quickly got distracted by Marmite or sake or something and I never got to it, hehe. <3

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Ahahha, well marmite and sake is distracting, although I have to say Aya with a ponytail may well have been more distracting! ♥

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oooh wow.. then it might have actually been worth watching..

How could you get distracted by Marmite. *shakes fist at Kare-kun* LOL I will have to come over to see and pester you guys soon. Heeee..

Thanks for sharing this!

Edited: You should see my new screen saver *squee*
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What do you mean! It was worth watching! After I let it sit for 5 years only half watched and had time to come to terms with the design change. It had more canon fodder to support my AxY addiction than Kapital ever did, ahahaha.

I can think of lots of creative ways that Marmite could be distracting!

...Unforunately you were there and already know I did nothing more interesting than make toast. D'oh.

Totally new screen saver, or just new additions to the old one?? Mine gets better with each update Error makes ^_____^

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Pony Tail! Pony Tail!

I think you did a great job piecing this together! And I'm not so sure about finding it elsewhere. WK stuff is getting harder to find by the day!

I think Ken was the easiest change for me to adapt to. It was almost as if he had just grown up a bit and changed styles, ya know? The rest? No. Not Aya, not Yohji, and not Omi. The changes were too drastic.

Now, this WK and a few changes to the story-line and Gluhen would have been an entirely different (not to mention more palatable) experience!

Thanks for sharing!

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I've seen it show up at least two other places so far...but both cases it was used for banner or icon art, I haven't seen just a large image of it anywhere else.

I would have vastly preferred these designs...

...but on the other hand, having the characters look totally different makes it easier for me to dismiss certain plot developments when I don't feel like acknowledging they happened, heh.

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I completely agree on that. Ken is my favorite from Weiss, and his design changes wasn't as drastic as the others. And I loooove the original design work a whole lot better. :D And yes, ponytail is the awesome!

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The manga art is my favorite of everything...and of course that never went anywhere either!! I feel like Kyoko Tsuchiya had issues with letting things get finished. ;____;

I think Ken looked pretty good in Side B too...he definitely fared the best out of them all through all the incarnations.

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Ah, very interesting. I see Aya was Destined to have long hair one way or another... and then probably to chop it off Dramatically for Symbological Reasons.

Despite the sarcasm, I totally love his hair. All versions of it, the short, the braid, the ponytail. <333

The other three boys look exactly the same to me. Am I missing anything obvious?

As always, thank you for sharing these rare treasures with us!
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Oh my...I want to cry for what could have been! Thank you for scanning, cleaning and sharing!


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