Title: Weiβ Kreuz The Eternal Angel Fan Book 1: Chaos Mode
Circle: Kotoi
Date: 1998
Genre: Gen humor
Pairings: None?
Overview: Ken and Yohji argue. Yohji fails to rescue a girl on a mission? I’m afraid that I can’t tell if she ends up dead or just hospitalized…. Anyway, Yohji angsts. And dresses loudly.
Warnings: Nudity. There is just one not-too-graphic naked girl in there. But it's probably not work safe.

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From: [identity profile] yotan.livejournal.com

LOL, I saw! But I was afraid to click the link in your entry since I'm still at work and wasn't sure if it was work safe...(as if what I just posted is XD.) I got that Yohji was alive, I wasn't sure if the girl was dead or not (she looked dead but they were obviously hanging around a hospital, so maybe she wasn’t.) I've only read the transcripts for a few of the drama CDs, and I've pretty much forgotten everything in them except for the Schwarz one that had Sally in it... <__< I ought to re-familiarize myself with them...got a recommendation to where I can find 'em?
(deleted comment)

From: [identity profile] yotan.livejournal.com

Oh you are too awesome. I actually own real CD copies of two of the drama cds, so you don’t need to upload them all for me… (although if you were going to make them publically available, that would be a very nice thing of you to do…)

I personally already have a copy of the Crashers one though, and one other….unfortunately I don’t recall what the second one was. One of the ones with ‘Tears’ in the title maybe…I’ll have to check when I get home…


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