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([personal profile] yotan Apr. 26th, 2010 12:21 am)
Continued from Part 4

“That sounded like a decision,” Yohji joked.”I hope you’re ready to keep me busy. I’ll be high maintenance under those conditions.”

It didn’t even occur to him to dispute it. Or take advantage of the fact that Aya only said he’d assume. No actual demands or promises were requested.

Which was almost disappointing.

It disturbed Yohji a little bit just how strongly he felt about that.

And then reality came back to him a little more, quickly sobering him.

“There won’t be anyone else whether we do it again or not,” he amended seriously. There shouldn’t have been anyone to start with, let alone room for anyone else. He didn’t like how easily he’d been persuaded to gamble with Aya’s life. No wonder Aya wasn’t looking at him.


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